5 Reasons You Might Need To Invest In A Financial Background Check Or Asset Search

Never heard of a “Financial Background Check”? Then you have been missing out on some critical information affecting a number of different types of financial transactions for businesses and private parties alike.

What is a Financial Background Check?

Different from a standard background check, these investigations focus on both tangible, physical assets and the non-physical corporate assets to paint a full picture of an individual or corporate entity’s financial background. This goes beyond the simple bankruptcy or civil judgement searches that databases offer. A financial background check can paint the full picture of an individual or company’s assets (physical and non-physical) and also can provide the actionable intelligence you and your team need about a litigant’s background including criminal and civil records, state and federal tax liens, business liabilities, and judgements that may be hidden under assumed names or aliases.

In a new business relationship, it’s especially important to know everything about the company and it’s key players before entering into any agreements. Don’t waste time, money and resources on a relationship that had precursory indicators of failing in the beginning—financial background checks shed light into these indicators and save you money in the long run.

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Find hidden assets with a financial background check

Reason #1:   You Need to Collect on a Judgement

Is ongoing litigation worth you (or your client’s) time, energy and money? Or do you think that the subject you are trying to collect from might be trying to hide what they have? A Financial background check can help shed light onto what specific holdings an entity or individual might have—hidden or not.

Assets can often be hidden in shell companies, through spouses and family members, or even through hidden accounts. We can provide the intel that will allow you or your counsel to subpoena records about these. We also help to connect the dots and prove connections between companies and subject individuals. 

Reason #2:   You’re contemplating whether to engage in litigation:

Prior to obtaining a judgement or ensuing with a legal battle, our financial background check (or asset search) can greatly assist you in determining if it’s worth the pursuit. This service will identify what (positive or negative assets) a person or business might have affiliated to them. If you go through the expense and trouble of obtaining a judgement, it may be nice to know beforehand if the defendant has something you can collect upon.

Reason #3:   You need to find hidden assets and collect in a child support or divorce lawsuit:

Do you or your client believe there is more out there than meets the eye? If you know about hidden assets and are unsure where to start looking, a financial background check can be the start to solving your problems.

ASG Investigations can help to identify where assets might be, allowing counsel to depose or subpoena the correct individuals and get you the results you need – Call us today to learn more!

Deadbeats use every angle they can to try and hide money and assets. They have spouses lying about hidden assets, they work under the table jobs, or hiding accounts and physical assets through companies. These can be investigated through investigative procedures like employment research as well.

Reason # 4:   Working with clients taking on a new investment, or when taking on a new business partner.

We get that you like the person and that you believe their story, but that is not a substitute for knowing if this person really is being completely honest and is best suited for your business venture, despite what they say. Trust but verify with a financial background check. Our strategies can provide you with the information you need before you begin the process—a financial asset background check can be the deciding factor in whether you or your firm chooses to pursue the business, and we will handle the leg work for you.

Conducting a financial background check when taking on a new business partner

Reason # 5:   You need to locate hidden assets as part of a probate or estate proceeding:

Are you or your client worried that the assets in the light aren’t all of the assets? Probate attorneys, estate executors, and family members all have the right to know what is out there, and these rights need to be protected. Our experts can both track down and verify rightful heirs in addition to searching and locating hidden assets in a decedent’s name. A financial background check can provide the valuable intelligence to confirm or deny your suspicions about assets and give you and your client something tangible to go off of when staking a claim as a rightful heir.

So what’s the benefit?

We not only love helping our clients uncover hidden truths through our financial background check services, but we also take pride in making our clients lives and jobs easier. Working with professional investigators who have a proven track records of obtaining results can bring peace of mind and ease to processes, and also make all the difference. We can take the work off your hands, provide a professional, investigative report that you can take to your client, advisor, partner, attorney to shed light on the truth. Give us a call today.