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Michigan Private Investigators, also known as Michigan Professional Investigators, work much like investigators anywhere else in the United States, with a few exceptions and benefits unique to Michigan.  Once such advantage to working with a Michigan Professional Investigator is that we enjoy one of the strongest sets of client confidentiality in the nation.  Michigan Professional Investigators also enjoy an exemption for the use of vehicle tracking devices, allowing us to utilize these devices when circumstances dictate that they are necessary.

Below are some links and resources we use daily.  If you are conducting your own investigation, looking for a specific resource or are just curious about investigations, we hope you find these resources useful.

Michigan Private Investigator Laws

How to Become a Michigan Professional Investigator

Michigan Eavesdropping Laws

Michigan Tracking Device Laws

 Michigan Private Investigator Research

Michigan Private Investigator Facts

Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs

Company Sites

ASG Investigations – ASG Investigations Corporate Page

Background Check Central – Employee and Tenant Screening

Michigan Civil Process Service – Michigan Process Service


Michigan Association of Security and Investigative Professionals

ASIS Detroit

World Association of Detectives

National Association of Legal Investigators

Michigan Chiefs’ of Police Association

International Intelligence Network Searches

MI Business Entity


MI Sex Offenders

National Sex Offender Search

MI Professional License Search

MI Lawyer Search

MI Nursing License Verification

Wayne County

Wayne County Jail Search

Wayne County Property Tax Records

Wayne County Deeds Search

Wayne County Probate Court Search

Wane County GIS Mapping

Macomb County

Macomb County Jail Search

Macomb County DBA Search

Macomb County Death Records

Oakland County

Oakland County Jail Search

Oakland County DBA Search

Oakland County GIS Mapping

Genesee County

Genesee County Court Search

67th District Court Search (Flint)

Image and Metadata Tools

ExifPro Image Viewer

TinEye Reverse Image

Karma Decay Reverse Image

Maps and Cameras


Open Maps


Webpage/Domain/IP/ Tools



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