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At ASG Investigations, we understand that love is complicated. We are not here to judge or interpret your situation, we are merely a conduit to reconnection. We have the experienced and professional tools and means to find lost loves and provide you with the information to move forward as you see fit.

Reasons People Want to Find Lost Loves

Being unable to find a lost love can cause heartache, sadness, and stress. Whether you’re looking for someone you once cared about or someone you still love, a professional missing persons investigation to find a lost love can give you closure or the opportunity to begin a new chapter of your life.

When your heart is so deeply involved, it can feel like your search for a lost love is far too big to handle and promises no positive results. We can track down:

  • A young love who moved away with their family.
  • A love from a time before texting and emails.
  • A former colleague who stole your heart.
  • A classmate who disappeared from your life.
  • A stranger you met on a plane, in a coffee shop, or just about anywhere.
  • A person you met online who disappeared.

Sometimes, clients just want to know that someone who once had or still has their heart is happy and safe in their new place even if they’re not with them. The reason you need to find someone is relevant to you but irrelevant to your private investigator. Our goal is to simply find the lost love you seek, and do so as efficiently and quickly as possible.

The Many Shapes of Lost Loves

There are plenty of online resources available to help you find someone. From a basic Google search to a scan of social media, you can collect a lot of information about people, but only if they’re active online and have notable items that might show up in search results.

What if you loved someone who prefers to live off the grid and wants nothing to do with email, Facebook, LinkedIn, or even a smartphone?

What if you’ve been searching for a loved one for decades and they are of a generation when landlines and snail mail were the only methods of communication beyond face-to-face interactions? They may not have kept up with the times.

What if your relationship ended poorly and the person doesn’t want to be found?

Lost loves take many shapes and forms. Feeling irreparably separated from someone you love can lead to desperate measures. When big emotions are involved in a missing persons investigation, you can easily be misled by websites that promise to deliver accurate, thorough results. Your best chance to find out the location and contact information of the person you want to find comes from the efforts of an experienced private investigator.

Choose ASG Investigations to Find a Lost Love

Having little information about your lost loves doesn’t mean you’re at a dead end before your search even begins. A professional private investigator is the person to help you find the person you’re looking for, whether you loved them way back when or love them still.

At ASG Investigations, we use surveillance, in-person interviews, background checks, GPS tracking, mortuary searches, and other sophisticated tools and techniques. Efficiency, caution, accuracy, and discretion are the backbone of our success. Contact us today for a confidential consultation and learn how we can help you find your lost love.

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