Michigan Private Investigator Surveillance

To conduct surveillance is to discreetly gather information, deliver proof, or document an act without a subject’s knowledge. Private investigator surveillance far surpasses any efforts a layman can exhibit for following a person or unearthing intelligence. The advanced skills of the experience private investigators at ASG Investigations make it possible for you to have the answers you need without compromising yourself in the process of discovery.

Cases That Call for Michigan Private Investigator Surveillance

Surveillance can be carried out for nearly any type of private investigation, including infidelity, employee misconduct, or locating a missing person.

When it comes to spousal surveillance, a private investigator does his or her best to uncover the where, when, and how of a cheating spouse, so you can understand the why. Following a person who is suspected of cheating can involve surveillance that answers:

  • Who he or she spends time with.
  • Where he or she goes and when.
  • Identifying the other person or persons he or she is with.

For matters of employee misconduct, undercover private investigator surveillance is often initiated to reveal whether there is evidence of:

  • FMLA abuse
  • Employee asset misuse
  • Employee time theft
  • Workers comp abuse
  • Business fraud
  • Breach of non-compete contract
  • Workplace affair

Employees, contractors, and partners can destroy a business when employee misconduct is taking place. Surveillance must be deployed to safeguard your enterprise from internal as well as external threats.

Locating a missing person is always a sensitive matter, and any type of investigation must be done tactfully, without drawing attention, and without the other person’s knowledge. Quite often, missing people don’t want to be found, but a loved one wants and needs to know where they are. Details about a person’s whereabouts and their well-being are often enough to satisfy the person who has employed a private investigator; careful private investigator surveillance can be the key in finding them.

Types of Private Investigator Surveillance in Michigan

Each case is individually evaluated for the benefits of a surveillance plan, and from there a detailed surveillance strategy is developed. Surveillance can include:

  • Taking photos or videos
  • Using vehicle tracking devices
  • Tracing emails
  • Following internet activity
  • Using electronic eavesdropping detection
  • Conducting asset searches

Every client has different reasons and motivations for wanting private investigator surveillance. Maybe you want confirmation of a suspicion, perhaps you’re preparing for a legal case and need concrete evidence. Whatever prompted your need for a private investigator surveillance, all information gathered is done so legally, legitimately, and professionally, so the intelligence that is gathered can be used in a court of law or police investigation if need be.

Choose Michigan Private Investigator Surveillance from ASG Investigations

The investigators at ASG Investigations in Oakland County have been serving the Metro Detroit region and Michiganites for decades. Surveillance is a finely honed skill that our professionals have morphed into a true art form. Discretion and confidentiality are at the crux of every case, whatever matter it is for which you require private investigator surveillance.

If you’re ready for answers, and you know that quiet, careful investigation is required, rely on the specialists at ASG Investigations. Contact us today for an anonymous initial consultation.