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Infidelity InvestigationInfidelity Investigation for Women

Do you suspect your husband or partner is cheating? This awful feeling comes with a choice: You can wait and see what happens, or you can get confirmation of what your gut is telling you is real. An ASG infidelity investigation for women offer answers, proof, and peace of mind, done efficiently, discreetly, and confidentially.

Common Signs of Infidelity

While there are no universal signs of infidelity committed by a man or woman, there are certainly some male behaviors that throw up a red flag and prompt infidelity investigations for women.

  • Job excuses: Business trips, working late, officewide functions, unavailability during certain hours.
  • Cosmetic changes: Suddenly focusing on his appearance by buying new clothes, grooming more, or working out.
  • Socializing changes: More happy hours, poker nights with the guys, or bachelor party weekends.
  • Relationship shifts: A decreased or increased sex drive, fewer phone calls and texts, or more communication than usual – any behavior that is outside of the norm.
  • Financial changes: Unexplained receipts, being secretive about purchases, unusual credit card charges, having more cash available.
  • Different phone usage: Keeping their phone with them 24/7, phone numbers you don’t recognize, uncharacteristic social media use, unexplained texting activity, leaving your presence to talk or type, clearing web browser history, getting upset if you touch or are near their phone.

Conquering the Mental Game When You Suspect Cheating

When you believe your husband or partner is cheating on you, it can spur you into action or leave you frozen. Action is better than inaction – but it’s important to make the right move. Instead of confronting your partner, reach out to a professional private investigator first to save yourself from getting involved in a highly charged confrontation with your significant other without proof of their infidelity.

If you take your suspicions to your partner without solid evidence to back up your theory, they can turn things around and make you feel guilty or crazy. Plus, if they really are cheating on you, your questioning will alert them to be more discreet or back off on their extracurricular activities for a while.

You deserve answers to give yourself peace of mind. Even if the results of an investigation show that nothing unsavory is going on, you’ll know, and you can breathe easy. Every infidelity investigation for women is confidential, so your partner never needs to know they were followed or under surveillance. We will keep your secret, and you can make the choices you need to make about your relationship.

Professional Spousal Surveillance in Infidelity Investigations

Thinking you have a cheating spouse can make you paranoid. Every call he makes, every word he says, every place he goes – you’ll be suspicious of it all, wonder whether he’s making excuses or creating a cover for his cheating behavior. You may feel obligated to keep watch and be on high alert – the stress of this kind of situation can affect your health and wellness, your relationships with others, and your professional life.

Having your partner under surveillance lets someone else do the worrying for a while. You don’t have to check up on your spouse, try to sneak a peek at their phone, or obsessively visit their social media pages to scour for clues of infidelity. Let us do the digging so you can live your life knowing the answers will come, sooner rather than later.

You only have two roles in a professional infidelity investigation for women: Provide your investigator with essential details about your spouse’s schedule and obligations, and try to act as normal as possible around your spouse so you don’t alert them that they’re being followed.

Allow ASG to Conduct Your Infidelity Investigation

We understand that contacting a private investigator can be daunting. You may feel embarrassed, ashamed, or scared. These are all normal emotions to have in this situation. Our role is not to judge but to simply give you answers to your most pressing question: Is he really cheating on me?

Trust our experienced investigators at ASG Investigations to give you the evidence you need to make big decisions about your relationship or contribute information to your divorce proceedings. Our investigations operate within the confines of the law, whether we’re taking photos, videos, using GPS tracking devices, doing an asset check, or monitoring online activities. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.