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Trust, love and loyalty are the three pillars of a strong, successful and long-lasting marriage. The last thing that you want to think about in a marriage is your spouse having a secret affair. That’s just heart-breaking. What’s worse is them denying about it and keeping you in the dark. Deception and infidelity ruin relationships and destroy marriages. Cheating is unacceptable; and lies intolerable.

The suspicious activities that go along with infidelity are enough to make any loyal spouse feel upset and disheartened, which often leads to divorce—creating an entire realm of legal hardships which include alimony, child support and custody. Besides this, legal proceedings that come with it are no less than a nightmare especially if you don’t have documented supporting evidence.

Hiring a Professional Michigan Private Investigator for Spousal Surveillance Doesn’t Have to be Stressful or Complicated! Call Us Today To Discuss Your Options!

If your spouse continues to deny that they are involved in infidelity, but you can’t seem to believe it because of their suspicious behavior and activities, then get in touch with us— ASG Investigations. We are a licensed, Michigan private investigator specializing in spousal surveillance.

We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Our team of Michigan private investigators can solve your case as quickly as possible and provide you with supporting evidence so that you can make your judgment on whether you want to stay in the marriage and make it work or call it quits. After all, there is nothing worse than a cheating spouse.

At ASG, our team of Michigan private investigators is experienced, knowledgeable, and qualified having a range of college degrees in Criminal Justice and Finance. Some of our investigators also have military and police backgrounds that truly help in solving cases faster. All services provided by our team are performed with confidentiality and in an expeditious manner. Our investigators follow all ethical standards and laws to get you the results you want. We will make sure the evidence we gather is solid, authentic, and will hold up in court.

Although the signs of spousal involvement may be evident at times, they might also be false. However, when you hire our Michigan private investigator, we will help put all your suspicions to rest once and for all—giving you the peace of mind by clearing all doubts. We conduct spousal surveillance using the best approach that gives the bigger picture. Our services are not aimed at destroying or ruining marriages but they are simply focused at eliminating all suspicions and doubts that you have related to your spouse.

Signs That Indicate a Cheating Spouse and Need to Hire a Michigan Private Investigator

  • Change in Their Behavior

One of the tell-tale signs that your spouse may be cheating on you is behavioral change such as they may start arguments on even the smallest of the matters or criticize you for your actions. Most of the changes in behavior aim at creating distraction so that they have a good excuse for broken marriage or doing what they are doing—infidelity.

  • Concealing Their Financial Records

They may be deceiving you if all of a sudden they start hiding their financial records from you especially if they were you both have been sharing information about finances like credit card bills and bank statements, previously.

  • Shift in Their Routine Suddenly

Shift in their routine is doubtful. If they tend to spend more time outside and will not give you a clear explanation for where they were or why there is a shift in their routine, then that is definitely suspicious, and you must investigate about it.

  • Increased Activities over the Phone or Online

Michigan spousal surveillance services may be beneficial if your spouse is always on the phone or online. If they are sneaky in receiving phone calls, take they phone to the bathroom and have passwords in every app on their phone, then chances are that they are busy talking to someone else.

If you begin to recognize some of these signs, and you suspect that your spouse is being unfaithful, it is important that you contact a Michigan private investigator to discuss your case. A private investigator can help you obtain hard evidence and proof of an affair.

Whether you wish to know the truth about your spouse so that you can move on with your life or you need good evidence against your cheating spouse to win a court settlement, we can assist you with both.

At ASG Investigations, we understand that reaching out for assistance from a private investigator can be difficult especially when you have to discuss something as personal as your spouse and their possibility of infidelity. Therefore, our team uses discretion & respect when providing our investigative services to you.

Benefits of Michigan Spousal Surveillance

When in doubt, it’s best to hire a Michigan private investigator to resolve the case. Here are some of the many ways our spousal surveillance services can benefit you:

  1. Our Michigan private investigator can give you the peace of mind that you need when you are suspecting your spouse for their wrongdoings. Our private detective can collect evidence and help confirm you whether your gut feeling is right or wrong.
  2. Another way you can benefit from our Michigan spousal surveillance services is that when your ex-spouse is secretly cohabiting with someone else and presenting their situation in court falsely just to gain alimony, our detective can provide you with proof to reject their alimony entitlement.
  3. It can also help you with child custody. Our investigator can collect evidence for dangerous or unsuitable conditions for the child living with your spouse so that you can make a strong appeal in the court for the custody of your child.

How We Work to Get You Evidence?

We strive to provide our clients with solid videotaped evidence against their cheating spouse. Videotaping your spouse for their wrongdoings is the best way to show you exactly what your unfaithful spouse has been up to. When things are videotaped, you can watch it by yourself and then decide by yourself about the next step that you would want to take in that regard.

Our team of Michigan private investigators is expert in spousal surveillance. We have the training, experience and expertise to get the job done in complete confidentiality without the subject knowing that they are being filmed or followed. Unlike other investigators, we go beyond just videotaping activities of your spouse from the window of the car.

We at ASG use the state of the art hidden video cams with a long range. These cameras give us the power to observe activities inside the subject’s workplace, at the mall where they might be, or practically anywhere they can go. Simply put, we can capture a cheating spouse and record their suspicious activities discreetly without them knowing about it.

We believe that if you have a videotaped proof in your hands, that’s what you need to decide whether your spouse is innocent or guilty. Besides this, you can take that proof to the court and rest your case.

With us, you will get:

  • A detailed and complete investigative reports of our findings about your spouse and their activities;
  • Video Upload, DVD or a CD with all their recordings of wrongdoings,
  • Information about where did they go and who they were with.

We believe that all this information is much needed for the client to make the right decision. When you have the proof in your hands, you’ll be able to judge the situation in a much better way and take the next step more confidently without any doubts. And more importantly, you can confront your unfaithful spouse and let them know that you have hard evidence that shows that they have been cheating on you; especially if they refuse to accept your allegations and deny that they’ve been involved in any such activities.

We use hidden cameras and telescopic video surveillance to collect evidence and catch a cheating spouse red handed.  Other techniques include GPS tracking devices so that our team knows where your spouse is headed during or after work hours. Our team of investigators can track your spouse’s movement by following their vehicle through GPS tracking. However, here it is important to understand that people who are really good at cheating and deceiving their spouse will never choose to park their vehicle at the scene of crime. Instead they’d rather part their vehicle somewhere else and then even get into someone else’s vehicle unequipped with a vehicle locator.

Therefore, our investigators follow the subject, even if a GPS tracker is installed. In this way, we know their movement and always have a visual of them. So, even when your spouse switches vehicles, we’ll still be following them as we will tail the vehicle that your spouse gets into. In other words, when you have our detectives on your case, you don’t have to worry about anything. Just sit back and relax, while we follow and collect all the relevant evidence that you need to decide whether or not your spouse is guilty.

Video evidence is the most important proof that a detective can acquire. This is why we continue to invest in and equip our team with cutting edge and the latest technology such as a Generation III night vision lens, state of the art camera and etc. This helps because when you have good quality equipment, it is easy to capture clear images, make high definition videos even during night time. Clear evidence on video is essential because you can never make a decision based on videos and photos that are hard to see and identify the person in the video. Therefore, clarity in video evidence is key.

Here are some statistics about cheating spouse in the US. Studies show that:

  • In more than one third of the marriages, one or both partners admit to cheating.
  • Nearly 30 to 60 percent of all married individuals are likely to engage in infidelity at some point of their marriage.
  • 36 percent of the men & women admit to have an affair with their coworkers.
  • People who have cheat once are 350 percent more likely to repeat their actions again.
  • Chances of having an affair usually occur 2 years into a marriage.
  • 9 percent of men believe that they will start an affair to get back at a cheating wife.
  • 10 percent of the affairs start online and 40 percent of the time they turn into real life affairs.
  • In 90 to 95 percent of the time, the person hiring an investigator is always correct that their spouse whom they suspect of cheating is actually cheating.
  • Most people want the proof videotaped so that they are 100 percent sure that they are correct.

So, if you have any doubt on your spouse and you think that they might be cheating on you, then don’t put yourself in stress and emotional pain instead get in touch with us. Our experienced Michigan private investigator will collect solid evidence for you about your spouse and their activities so that you can make your decision whether you want to continue with the marriage or part ways. With solid evidence in your hands, you’ll be able to make an informed decision without any regrets or confusion.

Contact us today. Call us at (586) 522-4600.

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