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Surveillance surveillance measures

Surveillance, in the most general explanation, is the act of discreetly gathering information to document an act, gather proof, or collect information without the subject’s knowledge. Whether the surveillance measures are being undertaken to prove cheating in a relationship, inappropriate before at work, or otherwise, all investigations by ASG are carried out legally, professionally, and confidentially.

Spousal Surveillance

Adultery may be as old as time, but when it happens to you – or you suspect it is happening to you – the wounds are fresh and painful. At ASG, our experienced private investigators respect the delicate nature of your unique situation and take every possible measure to provide the answers you need.

There are common investigative services and surveillance that will be used to gather information, and your case may require more targeted measures to catch a:

  • Cheating spouse
  • Cheating husband
  • Cheating wife
  • Cheating boyfriend
  • Cheating girlfriend
  • Cheating partner

There are many ways to conduct surveillance for a suspected cheating spouse. It is not the job of your private investigator to tell you why your partner cheated, but it is our responsibility to support you in searching for proof of your suspicions.

Surveillance of a cheating spouse includes tactics that will give you answers to:

  • Who he or she spends time with.
  • Where he or she goes and when.
  • Identifying the “other woman” or “other man.”

Surveillance of a cheating spouse is achieved through various investigative measures, including:

  • Taking photos.
  • Using vehicle tracking devices.
  • Utilizing electronic eavesdropping detection.
  • Tracing emails and internet activity.
  • Conducting asset searches.

People have different reasons for wanting spousal surveillance, and these motivations are all important and legitimate. Whether you are looking for peace of mind or need information to aid in your argument for child custody or other legal matters, surveillance conducted by a professional private investigator will deliver the information you are seeking.

Employee Surveillance

Undercover investigations and employment surveillance measures are often necessary in business. Whether a large corporation or small business, underhanded behavior by employees, contractors, or customers can destroy a company’s efficiency, effectiveness, reputation, and bottom line.

Surveillance gathers the details needed to confirm whether any of the following things are happening:

  • FMLA abuse
  • Employee asset misuse
  • Employee misconduct
  • Employee time theft
  • Workers comp abuse
  • Business fraud

Surveillance can also be deployed in investigations that are undertaken to help safeguard your business from outside threats, including:

  • Corporate intelligence investigations
  • Non-compete agreement investigations
  • Trade secrets investigations
  • Channel checking investigators
  • Vendor and contractor asset searches and screenings
  • Client background checks
  • Third-party employee screenings

Bug Sweeps

If you suspect that your privacy is being violated and someone has illegally bugged your home or office, a professionally conducted bug sweep will uncover whether you are under surveillance of any kind. These bug sweep services include detection for:

  • Electronic surveillance
  • Hidden cameras
  • Tapped phones
  • Compromised data lines
  • Transmitters in executive areas

Defensive measures can also be taken, including:

  • 24-hour phone bug monitors
  • Phone speech scramblers
  • Debugging and sweeping

Do You Need Surveillance from a Michigan Private Investigator?

Surveillance is a skill that the private investigators at ASG have finely honed to an art form. Discretion is essential in every surveillance measure, and our experienced investigators know how to carefully and shrewdly gather the proof you’re seeking.

From cheating spouses to problems in the workplace, underhanded behavior can ruin businesses and relationships. The covert surveillance and undercover investigations carried out by the professionally trained and experienced undercover Michigan investigators at ASG are customized to each client’s needs and utilize high-tech surveillance equipment to deliver accurate information.

Trust the team at ASG to conduct the surveillance measures that will provide you with answers. Contact us today to discuss your needs.