About ASG Investigations

ASG Investigations is not only one of the largest investigative agencies in Michigan, and possibly the largest by count of full-time professional staff, we are also Michigan’s most capable private investigative agency.

With our size and capability, we are able to not only provide superior service and results, we are also able to work anywhere in the state. Our clients have come to understand that they don’t need to look for an investigator with a mailing address near them when they can work with us just a easily. With the depth of our staff, which also includes full time investigators working from a variety of locations throughout southeast Michigan and elsewhere, we likely have the right resources very close to you. Aside from being close by, ASG Investigations is a very busy agency, staffed with a diverse group of specialists who work on exactly the type of case you have. This gives us an edge in obtaining better results for you than other Michigan private investigators who are less active and less focused.

ASG Investigations

Our team is not made of experts in private investigations, many of our staff hold master’s degrees in disciplines like intelligence analysis, hold professional designations like the CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner) or PCI (Professional Certified Investigator), while others have lengthy experience in law enforcement, military intelligence and surveillance. An additional component of true expertise is our participation in national intelligence, investigative and research related associations. Within these associations not only does ASG Investigations participate in training and professional development, we often serve as subject matter experts and provide training and research. Many other Michigan private investigative agencies have none of those attributes.

Lastly, the ASG Investigation’s client base ranges from private individuals working with a limited budget to some of the largest companies and law firms in the nation who engage us to help with multi-million dollar litigation. This allows us to help almost every type of client in any investigative matter.