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Vendor and Contractor Asset SearchVendor and Contractor Asset Search

Planning to work with a new vendor or contractor? Whether you’re considering doing business with an individual, company, subcontractor, or otherwise, exercise due diligence and research their background, business dealings, and financial standing with a thorough search conducted by ASG professional investigators.

The Importance of Vendor and Contractor Asset Search

Your business is your bread and butter. You’ve dedicated time, money, sweat, and tears into building up a company or name. If you allow anyone into your inner circle without vetting them first, you open yourself up to serious problems.

A private investigator uncovers whether a person uses any aliases, has a criminal record, or is guilty of any unsavory behavior or business dealings. An investigator explores a company’s notoriety, successes, failures, and who they are contracted with themselves. Without careful review of a vendor or contractor’s history and legitimacy, you could find yourself facing financial trauma or suffering under negative press surrounding your brand.

If you’re concerned about your bottom line, reputation, and future, you’ll take the time to find out who you’re joining with before they have a chance to get their hands on your products, services, proprietary information, and more.

If Your Looking To Conduct A Vendor or Contractor Asset Search, Look No Further. ASG Can Dive Deeper And Protect Your Business. Call Us Today!

Avoid Potential Problems with the Help of a Private Investigator

There may be a third party you trust who has already vetted the person or entity you hope to work with and can vouch for them. That’s great. But you must do your own exploration too to be sure you have all the pertinent information. You need the accurate details that only a private investigator can uncover to decide if a vendor or contractor is worthy of working with you or for your enterprise.

Some companies are prohibited from awarding contracts or licensing with certain entities because of allegations of improper conduct, like fraud, collusion, indictment, foreclosure, mismanagement, and scams. That makes it more likely that the parties guilty of these problems would try to cover them up. You need to know before papers are signed or handshakes are exchanged exactly who is being welcomed into your fold.

Trust the Results of Your Own Research

Some companies, small businesses especially, simply cannot operate successfully without outsourcing work to vendors or contractors. Should these people or organizations fail you, you’ll potentially find yourself in a serious financial and professional crisis. No matter how experienced a person claims to be or how successful a brand allegedly is, the only legitimate proof of these details come not from the horse’s mouth, but from the work of a private investigator.

It may feel uncomfortable to broach the subject of due diligence with a potential partner, but this is your business. You wouldn’t just hire anyone for your company – you would look at their resume, check their references, even scan their social media. This should be the bare minimum that’s done for a potential contractor. An investigator fills in the blanks and then some.

If a potential vendor or contractor balks at the idea of being screened or undergoing an asset search, that’s a red flag. If your investigator discovers something untoward in their research, that is a red flag too. Neither situation necessarily indicates unworthiness. These situations do, however, make it clear that there is something in their past or present that needs to be explained.

Divorce, illness, a difficult employee, a failed product – there could be a very good reason why a vendor’s numbers aren’t so great, or why a contractor doesn’t want to disclose every detail. Discovering this information on your own instead of the vendor or contractor being forthright about it themselves, however, should make you take pause.

You don’t want to be a total bleeding heart for people with personal troubles and then find yourself getting taken. You also don’t want to be cold-hearted and unsympathetic. You just need the truth, and that’s what your private investigator will uncover.

Hire ASG Private Investigators for a Vendor and Contractor Asset Search

If you’re aligning with a new partner in Troy, Novi, Clinton Township, Detroit, Birmingham or anywhere in between, a vendor and contractor asset search should be a non-negotiable part of your business dealings. It’s your job to enhance your operations and working with this outside party may lend itself to that, but it’s also your responsibility to safeguard your business.

You want to work with people you trust, so protect your business by getting to know every aspect of a potential vendor or contractor. At ASG, we offer a vendor and contractor asset search to help you determine what’s right for your company, employees, and customers. Contact us to discuss your investigative need.

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