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What is a Michigan Political Opposition Research Investigation?

Michigan Politics, be it at the local, county, or state level can be a grind.  It can also be dirty and teeming with misinformation. This is why Michigan Political Opposition Research is a necessary tool, one ASG can give you a distinct advantage with.  The way we see it, the truth deserves to be told so that Michigan voters can make informed decisions.

The Only Question is, Who Will Hire Us First?

Political Opposition Research Investigation

Knowing as much about your opponent as possible is key to both offense and defense; and again, the truth deserves to come out.  So what is Michigan political opposition research?  Think of it as a very comprehensive background check on an opponent created to ensure accuracy while providing citation and verification directly from the sources of the information, often public records, and hard to find historical internet references.  We like to think we find “the dirt” on just about anyone and given the public’s right to know as much as possible about a candidate, we engineer our research to go after the most impactful and potentially damaging hidden information available.  Most importantly; the intelligence we provide is verifiable; no Russian dossiers or fake birth certificates here, only the verifiable facts.  These facts can be found in places a candidate has long since forgotten or believes are impossible to find.

Michigan Opposition Research is also fully customizable; if you have a specific area of interest on a candidate, let us know, we can target that area to uncover the truth.

What is NOT Opposition Research

Like we said, this is not about Russian dossiers; our client’s don’t ask us to make up information because we won’t; we simply dig deeper than anyone in Michigan and provide intelligence that can aid in the election process, giving you a competitive edge.

Some other things we can’t and won’t do:

  • Tax Records
  • Cell Phone Records
  • Hacking of and Kind
  • Decoy Work
  • Financial/Income Records

Who are our Michigan Political Opposition Research Clients?

Our clientele consists mostly of local, county and state elected officials, including judges, county commissioners, state representatives in Lansing and township/city elected officials.  If you think your opponent may have a checkered past or be involved with groups of people who could taint their political views, we are the people to call.  Keep in mind that even your opponent’s connections, associations and social media history can come into play, so if you believe an opponent spends time with or is influenced by an unsavory Michigander or outside influence, it is worth conducting a Michigan Political Opposition Investigation to gather the evidence you need to state your case.

Important to keep in mind, no matter how small your Michigan Political Race, Michigan Opposition Research can be for you.  Local elections can be just as heated as national races and separated by just a handful of votes!  Michigan Opposition Research can make the difference.

What do we find?

The short story of what we find is “everything”. Think of it this way, many of the times that you hear about a Michigan Political candidate or elected official having something from their past come back to haunt them, it could be that there is a Michigan Professional Investigator like us behind the research and verification.  Long forgotten drug offenses, drunk driving charges, sexual harassment allegations and charges, deleted social media posts, negative financial information, neighbor complaints, residential history, affairs and business failings.  Not to mention an analysis of social media posts for key words to give you a better insight of what a Michigan candidate really believes versus what they actually say.  Graphical analysis tools can depict in a visual format, a candidate’s connections, beliefs, history and even information about donors that might be of interest to an opposing Michigan Political Candidate.

Why Choose ASG for your Michigan Political Investigation?

Our investigations are always verifiable, citing real sources of information that are indisputable, giving our clients leverage through the power of knowledge and information.  We also customize everything we do, ensuring that you receive support specific to your political campaign; there are no automated or canned investigations here.  We look to the root of the political race and speak with our clients about what is most important to them, often a specific issue that have come up or are suspected.  We also have the ability to expand our investigations at any time should our clients need to gather additional information about a specific issue or individual that may come up during a Michigan Political Race; including fact checking an opposing candidate’s alleged experience and background.  Our team of diverse investigative subject matter experts are all trained and practiced in the most advanced research and investigative techniques, deploying all of that knowledge on every case we work on.  We are also available over the phone to discuss cases with our clients in Michigan, and because we live and work here, we understand how important it is for a Michigan Political campaign to have all of the information necessary to run a proper race.

As Licensed Michigan Professional Investigators, we are also well and truly protected by the Michigan Private Investigator Act, which ensures the utmost privacy and confidentiality for our clients.  We also avoid any conflicts of interest and live by the rule that whichever candidate in a race hires us first ensures we will not take up investigating them; we will only work for one candidate per Michigan race for a specific elected position.

If you are running a campaign, plan to run for office, or have a vested interest in a political race, be it primary or otherwise, and would like to speak with a licensed professional investigator about what we can find and the general costs associated with our services, we encourage you to contact our Birmingham, Clinton Township or Novi offices.  Redacted sample reports are available upon serious request.  Don’t get caught thinking that your local Michigan election can’t benefit from Michigan political opposition research; it is often those smaller races that can be won or lost by the fewest votes.  The information we provide can be the difference.


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