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Michigan Alimony

Michigan Alimony

Michigan Alimony and Spousal Support Investigations & Co-habitation Investigations

What drives the need for Michigan Alimony and Spousal Support Investigations and Co-habitation Investigations? Although Michigan divorce rates are lower than the rest of the United States, so are the marriage rates.  What does this mean?  One reason is due to the increasing trend of co-habitating.  Many adults are finding it easier and financially beneficial to live with their boyfriend or girlfriend as opposed to marrying them. It is especially beneficial if the person is receiving alimony, or spousal support while co-habitating. Spousal Support, the technical term in Michigan for alimony, agreements tend to terminate if the supported spouse gets remarried. Many decide to simply co-habitat with a new partner in order to avoid losing their spousal support. What some fail to realize is that proof of co-habitating can be used in conjunction with other evidence to prove his/her financial circumstances have changed; therefore, justifying an alimony modification, and possible termination.

Take Oakland Country, for example.  This highly prominent county had 3,470 divorces in 2015, second only to Wayne County.  With this many divorces occurring in an area filled with business owners, doctors, lawyers and executives of Troy, Farmington Hills, Bloomfield Hills and Rochester, the odds that some of these hardworking men (and women) are still providing for their former spouses who have since moved on, is quite high.  Divorce is never easy; trying to move past it while knowing you are being unfairly used adds insult to the injury.

You don’t have to suffer financially because of your Ex. ASG can conduct a Michigan Alimony and Spousal Support Investigation or Michigan Co-habitation Investigation that will hold up in court.

In Michigan, co-habitation must first be proven and it alone may not be enough to terminate the alimony or spousal support payments; however, it can prove a change or improvement in financial circumstances which is a reason to request a modification in alimony.  Before any adjustments are enacted, proof needs to be submitted. This is where we can help. Here at ASG, we know what type of evidence is needed and, if it is out there, we can obtain it.  We are aware of what the courts are looking for.  Per the Hermann v Hermann, Docket No. 306568 (October 16, 2012) case, we know the meaning of “cohabitation” per the Court. In reference to this landmark case, alimony was terminated because the following criteria were met: a relationship where a female lives with an unrelated male permanently, consistently  and for more than one year, all of her belongings are stored at the residence, has a sexual relationship with him, and is given some sort of financial support from him.  Obviously the same criteria will be used if it is a supported ex husband who is now living with a new girlfriend, etc. We will work hand-in-hand with your attorney to get the proof you need to justify your claim.

If you feel the terms of your spousal support agreement have changed and need the evidence to prove it, call our team. We are experts in Michigan alimony, spousal support investigations, and Michigan co-habitation investigations and have offices in Clinton Township, Birmingham and Novi.  We have years of experience working with attorneys and can obtain irrefutable evidence of co-habitation if your ex is now living with his/her new girlfriend/boyfriend. Do not allow yourself to be taken advantage of, call us for a free consultation today and start to finally move forward.

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