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Runaway kids, teens, and young adults, no matter what age they are when they take off, leave heartache in their wake. Any situation that involves a person disappearing by choice without a word leaves family members panicked and in the midst of a situation they never wanted. Taking the next steps is difficult but, with the help of a private investigator, you can find your runaway with a confidential, professional missing persons investigation.

What Motivates Runaways?

Runaways separate from their families for many different reasons:

  • They have a drug or alcohol problem.
  • They want to be with the person they love even if their family doesn’t approve.
  • They want to be on their own without any interference.
  • There is a domestic situation making them scared, anxious, sad, or angry.
  • They are having trouble at school.
  • They’ve gotten mixed up with the wrong crowd.
  • They want to live somewhere else.
  • They don’t want to face a challenge they’ve come up against.
  • They have mental health problems.
  • They’ve screwed up and don’t know how to solve their problem.
  • They don’t want to embarrass their family.

This list is hardly exhaustive – the point is that whatever has caused a teen to take flight is personal to them and big enough that they want to leave it behind. Sometimes, the motivation behind running away and the place where the runaway goes don’t always gel, but they don’t need to. Your runaway is working on their own logic and plan and they’ve arranged it as best they can to avoid being found.

If you believe your situation is an emergency and you don’t want to wait for legal and law enforcement red tape to clear, get help to find runaways right now. Contact us at 855-751-2700.

Why a DIY Search for a Runaway Is Often Futile

Whether you were estranged from your child, had a fight, or even if you were on good terms, attempting to track down a runaway on your own will lead to a lot of dead ends. Chances are, any people who are potential sources of information are already on board with your runaway’s goals and willing to lie for them, hide them, or feign ignorance about their disappearance, or they truly don’t know anything.

You may turn to social media to try and create a timeline, dig up faces to peck them for information, or obsessively watch Instagram and Snapchat accounts for any sign of your runaway. The internet is a wealth of information, but it’s also a black hole. If you can’t find what you’re looking for and are desperate, it can be tempting to fall for searches that promise the world but only take your money and lead you nowhere.

A professional missing persons investigation for a runaway is your safest and most viable source of accurate information. Our sophisticated search tools and investigative techniques make it possible for us to find runaways as quickly as possible. We can access places other people cannot enter, use advanced surveillance techniques, employ tracking methods, search hospitals and morgues, and more.

Choose ASG Investigations to Find Runaways

If you’ve exhausted all possible avenues to find your child and so have the police – checking hangouts and friends’ homes, talking to family members and classmates, scouring social media and the like – the next logical step is to turn to a private investigator for support.

At ASG Investigations, we have a domestic and global reach. Our search for your runaway will stretch as far as needed to determine their whereabouts. Our work is thorough and meticulous and, whether your runaway has been gone for days, months, or years, we will use our extensive tools to locate them.

Chose ASG for a fast, affordable missing persons investigation to find your runaway. Contact us today to discuss your situation.

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