Michigan Employee Time Theft Investigations

michigan employee time theft investigations

Ben Franklin is commonly attributed to the sayings “time is money” and a “penny saved is a penny earned”.  Employee time theft has certainly become a pandemic situation and ultimately, it is costing thousands and millions of dollars each year.  All those pennies certainly do add up!  Across the web, there are numerous resources and … Read more

Are Your Employees Abusing FMLA Leave Time?

Are your employees abusing FMLA

If you are in a situation where you are questioning whether one of your employees are exploiting their time away from work using the Family Medical Leave Act, there are multiple steps that we as professional investigators can do to assist you. Obviously if this is even a question, your business falls into the category … Read more

Why Your Local Private Investigator is Likely Not Your Best Choice

local private investigator

When considering hiring a private investigator, many of us would hop on Google and search for help, ending up with the closest local private investigator or two. Much like a plumber or a window cleaner, we automatically assume that all Michigan Private Investigators are essentially the same. We might shop around for a better rate, … Read more

Local Mystery Solved by Macomb County Private Investigator

Macomb County Private Investigator solves

Macomb Township Suspicious “DELIVERY NOTICES!” SOLVED by Macomb County Private Investigator Imagine being away from your home and returning back to an odd “DELIVERY NOTICE!” card at your door or to find out that your teenager received one while you were out.  You may have even received one of these notices yourself or know someone … Read more

Importance of Michigan Executive Background Checks

Michigan Executive Background Checks

It is often said that great leaders are not judged based on their personal success, but on the success of their team or company as a whole.  Finding that next great leader to guide your business towards growth and higher goals is a matter which will involve many steps and should involve a great amount … Read more

Michigan Child Support Investigations

Locating Employment Information on Deadbeat Dads through Michigan Child Support Investigations

Locating Employment Information on Deadbeat Dads through Michigan Child Support Investigations If you are a Michigan mother looking to collect child support from a deadbeat father, you are not alone.  Wayne County and the City of Detroit in particular, are struggling to keep up with the vast number of child support investigations they have and … Read more

Team ASG Investigations Joins Polar Plunge

Michigan Law Enforcement Polar Plunge - Team ASG Investigations

Every year, Michigan Law Enforcement’s Polar Plunge raises money to support Special Olympics Michigan. This year, ASG Investigations, a leader in background checks and corporate investigations, has decided to join in the fun! Leading our team is Bodashia Grimm, a Polar Plunge veteran… and she’s looking for recruits! Here’s how it works: Courageous jumpers can … Read more

Michigan Locate Investigation for Attorneys

michigan locate investigation

Let’s face it, in today’s day and age, everyone is a little more suspicious of people they don’t know. There are constant news stories here in Michigan about scams, fraud, and people being taken advantage of; many of these issues involve suspicious telephone calls (sometimes of the Nigerian Prince variety). Add into the mix the number of … Read more

Why Would Someone Want to Conduct an Asset Search In Michigan?

Asset Search in Michigan

There may come a time in your life when an asset search will need to be conducted on you, or on your behalf on another person and/ or business.  Conducting an asset search in Michigan is probably not an everyday thought that crosses someone’s mind, but there are a few situations that could arise and would … Read more

Michigan Workplace Investigations and You

Michigan Workplace Investigations

Although we may like to think that we live in a perfect world and nothing will ever go wrong in the workplace, sometimes issues do arise in the office.  At these times, a Michigan workplace investigation may become necessary! Common issues which benefit from outside investigation include: Asset Misuse, Internal Fraud, Staff Misconduct, and Misuse … Read more