Shapchat Updates Open the Door to Some Investigative Options

Shapchat Investigative Options

Shapchat Investigative Options At our office, we had a pretty strong hunch that we would have some follow-up to our original thoughts on “Shapchat as an Investigative Tool”.  We wanted some shapchat investigative options.  Recently, a few major additions to the app have been rolled out and while people are getting acclimated with how to … Read more

Female Investigator

Asset Searches

Female Investigator in Michigan What is it really like to be a Female Investigator in Michigan What is it really like being a female investigator in Michigan?  With International Women’s Day occurring last week, it seemed like a good time to shed some light on what it is like being a female investigator working in … Read more

What is Due Diligence

What is Due Diligence? – A Detroit Breakdown Due diligence, background investigations, vetting or dirt-digging seem to be all be synonymous with a need for information, whether for a personal matter or for use in day-to-day business.  Whether you are a business owner, an investor looking to get behind a new start-up or an attorney … Read more

Michigan Background Investigations

Michigan Alimony

Licensed Michigan Background Investigations provide considerably more thorough background investigations than online resources. Web based background checks are found to be unreliable at best. A Michigan consumer can readily find many online resources claiming to provide thorough Michigan background investigations; some of these sources even claim superiority in densely populated areas like Detroit, Warren, Ann … Read more

Locating Debtors

locating debtors

Locating Debtors in Michigan Understanding your best options for locating debtors for Michigan collections suits Whether you are an attorney or a private citizen, in Michigan, who has the need to locate an individual in order to collect a debt, there are numerous options available to you.  First it is important to understand that the … Read more

GPS Vehicle Tracking in Michigan

GPS vehicle tracking in Michigan

A Michigan private investigator can legally use GPS vehicle tracking in Michigan in many types of cases GPS vehicle tracking is an effective surveillance tool in many situations, but it has legal limitations and is best employed by a licensed Michigan private investigator. As many guess, GPS vehicle tracking is frequently used to determine where … Read more