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Almost all civil litigation is designed to end in some type of monetary judgement being awarded. Unfortunately, many times, no asset investigations were conducted ahead of time, and the defendants turn out to be uncollectable.

Don’t let the lack of a proper Michigan asset investigation leave you holding an uncollectable  civil judgement!

Although most private investigators in Michigan claim to provide quality asset tracing investigations, the truth is, all they can provide is a simple public record database search. They count on you not knowing what should be included within real asset investigations. Don’t be fooled!

As one of the largest private investigative agencies in the Midwest, ASG has a team of expert asset tracers working at our offices in Clinton Township, Novi and Birmingham.  We are the go-to asset check agency for many of the best attorneys and law firms in the state.

A Michigan asset search can be complicated. Our team can walk you though the process, explain each step and help you determine what elements of an asset investigation will serve you best. The consultation is free. Call us today!

Ideally, asset investigations should be conducted prior to litigation being commenced. Legal fees can be significant and before those expenses are incurred, it is recommended that asset investigations be completed to help determine if the cost of the litigation can be recouped, let alone a recouping your loses.

Michigan asset investigations can be performed on both an individual and a business. In some cases, the asset investigation can involve a business and the owners or even multiple owners.

Conducting asset investigations on a business is not only more involving than an asset investigation on an individual, it is also more important. Few Michigan private investigative agencies have the capability to do any more than a cursory asset search when it comes to investigating a business. Our unique specialization and expertise in business asset investigations gives our clients unique insight that simply allows them to make better decisions on when and how to collect what they are owed.

If you already have a judgement in hand, an asset investigation can be of great value in targeting assets to be used to collect upon. Attorneys have great tools at their disposal to help aid in the collection process, but the right asset investigations can identify specific, collectible assets faster and reduce your legal costs significantly.

It is important to understand that not all assets are collectible and simple, rudimentary database searches often find some assets, but frequently fail to disclose if these assets are already encumbered. This actually makes matters much worse insomuch as they give a false sense that the debtor is collectible and lead you to needlessly incur legal fees and waste a massive amount of time.

Our team of dedicated asset tracers not only find assets, they also help to determine if those assets are already encumbered by creditors or liens. When these liabilities exist, the assets usually are not available to use to settle your judgement. This information is a crucial part of any real Michigan asset investigation.

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