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Spouse Cheating on You with a Coworker? Commission Workplace Affair Surveillance

The workplace is the top spot for married people to meet another person and engage in infidelity. No relationship is safe, and if you suspect that something inappropriate is happening between your spouse and a coworker, client, customer, or otherwise, a workplace affair surveillance investigation will give you answers.

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Why Are Workplace Affairs So Common?

Your spouse spends more time with work colleagues than at home with you. And people who work together get to know each other well. They can name favorite foods, pet peeves, and childhood experiences. Work obligations and group projects can morph into social interactions – taking breaks together at the coffee shop, work lunches, relying on each other at business events.

While it is natural to assume that your spouse is cheating on you because of your age or weight, it’s not always appearance that helps two colleagues make a connection. In fact, parallel interests and mindsets fuel workplace relationships, as well as:

  • Shared experiences: Coworkers bond over a difficult project, insufferable boss, or printer that’s on the fritz.
  • Built-in emotional support: For people who are having trouble with their spouse or are experiencing difficulties they feel they can’t voice to their spouse, an understanding colleague can become a personal sounding board.
  • Understanding and empathy: It’s not uncommon to feel like you relate better to a colleague who understands the unique pressures and responsibilities of your job.
  • Attractive alternative to the norm: The same-old stressors – bills, chores, demanding children – are always waiting for you at home. The fantasy of a different, easier, and more enjoyable life can beckon with a coworker.

Temptation can always be found, and the attraction to a colleague can lead to romantic and physical connections – if people allow it. Working together means sharing with each other and, for some, the emotional closeness that develops is unavoidable. What a person chooses to do with the attachments and attractions that may blossom makes the difference between infidelity and an innocent but close working relationship.

Workplace affair surveillance conducted by a Michigan professional private investigator separates appropriate behavior from inappropriate behavior to help spouses determine if infidelity is really taking place between their partner and a coworker.

Common Infidelity Cover-Up Stories

Infidelity at work is commonplace. While the only time your spouse or partner seems to spend away from you and your home is at work, that doesn’t mean there isn’t time to have an affair.

There are some universal cover-up stories that often conceal what the unfaithful spouse is up to. If you suspect your spouse of cheating, keep an eye out for the following alibis and justifications, especially if they occur more often than ever before:

  • Regular happy hour meet-ups with coworkers.
  • Late meetings.
  • Increased working hours.
  • Frequent overnight work trips.
  • A new “work only” cell phone.

Work-related excuses are hard to argue with – being in a meeting, traveling, taking phone calls, working longer hours to increase income – even when they take someone off the grid for a while. But deep suspicions that your spouse is having an affair are hard to ignore. These feelings can make you crazy if you allow them to fester. So take action.

You don’t have to confront your spouse or spy on them. Go about your life as normally as possible, and allow an experienced Michigan private investigator conduct the workplace affair surveillance that will give you the answers you need. Surveillance methods can include GPS tracking, videos, photos, audio recordings, asset searches, and monitoring of internet activity.

Why Hire ASG to Conduct Workplace Affair Surveillance in Michigan?

Not only should you be worried about the state of your marriage and how your spouse’s potential affair could affect your children and family, you should have concerns about what your spouse’s behavior might mean for their employment. Infidelity in the workplace may be common, but that doesn’t mean everyone looks on it favorably or turns a blind eye. Certain employers and bosses have fired employees for far lesser offenses than infidelity. Your family’s livelihood could be in jeopardy because of your spouse’s wandering eye.

Some cheaters believe their infidelity to be an inescapable situation. Because the affair began as a positive friendship and became a strong working relationship before it turned romantic, it’s easy to justify the affair as innocent, or rationalize the intimacy with a coworker as a byproduct of their cerebral connection.

They didn’t realize how far things had gone until a more physical relationship developed. Excuses are easy to come by where workplace infidelity is concerned.

The last thing you want is for your spouse to discover that you are suspicious of them cheating on you at are seeking solid proof of infidelity, you are more likely to get the details you want from workplace affair surveillance conducted by a private investigator.

At ASG, our experienced and highly trained Michigan private investigators use their workplace affair surveillance knowledge and skills throughout cities such as BirminghamNovi, Southfield, Warren, Macomb, DearbornTroy and Clinton Township. We customize the work that will be done on your case. Contact our team to discuss your relationship concerns and suspicions. When you want proof of infidelity, arrange for an investigation that includes workplace affair surveillance.


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