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With the increasing rate in crime, online frauds, sexual harassment, information leaks, drugs offence and terrorism, Michigan background check services have become crucial to ensure that you’re not dealing with someone who is shady or has a criminal record. This is what we are best at.

As a licensed Michigan private investigator dedicated to providing our clients with reliable and thorough background checks and investigation services. At ASG we extend our services to clients living in and across Michigan including the following areas: Warren, Detroit, Sterling Heights, Grand Rapids, and Livonia. By using ASG Michigan private detective services, you can easily conduct a background check of the individual in question without them knowing about it, and based on our findings and screening results you can make your decision of working with that person or not.

At ASG each experienced, trained and professional Michigan private investigator on our team conducts thorough Michigan background checks to give you a uniquely detailed and comprehensive report, based on facts and verified records, not database searches. Our background check procedures are designed to incorporate and serve all major industry sectors, including but not limited to banking, finance, transportation, retail, insurance, government agencies and employee staffing. We also provide comprehensive Michigan background checks for private individuals and attorneys. By leveraging on our rich experience, expertise and state-of-the-art technology we are able to perform thorough background checks and provide clients with reliable results much needed for sound decision making.

Each Michigan private investigator on our team fully understands the dynamics of public and private records, what information they yield and how to obtain them legally and economically. Our service covers even the minutest of the details to ensure that clients are completely satisfied. We offer you well-documented information and the most concrete evidence so that you can make informed decisions with no doubts, confusion or regrets.

Reasons to Use Our Michigan Background Check Services and It’s Benefits

You can use our Michigan background check services for different reasons and benefit from them greatly. Here are some of the many situations when background screening can be extremely useful:

  • Litigation Support

These days we tend to see that many companies as well as individuals often find themselves entangled in litigation. These cases also tend to hinge on the lawyer’s fact finding abilities. And therefore, experienced lawyers rely on private detectives to assist them in fact finding.

There are many legal issues where a lawyer can benefit from investigative expertise. Besides this, the right Michigan private investigator can also assist an attorney greatly during the trial preparation process and discovery. Requesting documents, taking depositions and composing interrogatories become more effective by gleaning as many facts as possible beforehand.

  • Due Diligence Investigation

Today’s corporate world is extremely dynamic because of which many corporations continuously find themselves in complex transactions like joint ventures, mergers, corporate financial restructurings, and lending arrangements. These complex situations require verification and disclosure of information by one or more parties. Sometimes these disclosures can be false, misleading, or incomplete thereby affecting your decisions.

Therefore, corporate intelligence obtained through our detailed Michigan background check services become necessary. Our team of private detectives will conduct a comprehensive investigation to verify the disclosed information provided to you by individuals, lending sources and other parties to confirm the authenticity of the information and purported facts.

  • Pre-Employment Background Checks

Pre-employment background checks are crucial and must be performed by every company. This is because too many applicants make false claims on their resumes and also, cover up their prior criminal activities to land the job. Therefore, as a recruiter, it is your responsibility to make sure that you carry out a comprehensive pre-employment background check with a help of a Michigan private investigator to verify everything in question about your short-listed potential employees.

Such a background check should include elements like:

  • Educational and work history verification,
  • Drug screening before a formal job offer is made,
  • Criminal background check,

All this information is essential because the last thing you want is to hire someone who is fraudulent or a criminal, and can pose a great danger to peers and your business.

A thorough background check performed by our experienced Michigan private detective can help you in a plethora of ways. Such as:

  • Increased new hire quality,
  • Reduced negligent hiring liability,
  • No workplace violence,
  • Reduced losses from employee frauds and dishonesty, and
  • Avoiding negative publicity.

Did you know that according to the US Department of Justice survey, 1.75 million work days are lost annually by victims of workplace violence? And that the cost of lost wages accounts for nearly $55 million annually? Wait there’s more!

The less direct but far reaching cost includes legal expenses, lost productivity, and negative publicity.

  • Tenant Screening

When giving your house on rent, it is advisable to perform tenant screening and comprehensive background checks before you handover the keys. For this you will need assistance of a private investigator because tenant screening is more than just gathering and verifying information like applicant’s name, phone number and employer.

The benefits of performing Michigan background checks on potential tenants include the following:

  • It can mean the different between renting your house to a tenant who will take care of your property and pay rent on time, versus someone who will fail to pay the rent and even destroy your house.
  • Keep yourself, community and neighbors safe. It can help you make sure that the tenant you’re willing to rent your home to is not prone to rely on violence or is not engaged in criminal activities which could put you and your neighbors in a risky situation. Did you know that according to a report published by TransUnion, 22 percent of the tenants who were authorized a background check during the rental application process where involved in criminal activities on their record in the year 2015? That’s alarming!
  • Protect yourself from liability because you can attain valuable information from background checks about the tenant’s past. From a background check you might learn that the potential tenant has a history of stealing. In that case, if you rent your home to such a tenant, you could end up dealing with furious neighbors as the tenant could possibly steal from them. And if this happens, your neighbors are likely to sue you for the damage that they have incurred from theft by your tenant. In other words, background check on your tenant can save you from legal issues.

Simply stated, conducting background checks on potential tenants during the application selection process will make you a more informed and an empowered landlord because after all the future is predicted best by looking at the past.

  • Concerned Parents

Even parents can benefit from our Michigan background check services to keep an eye on the activities of their children and teens. As a concerned parent, you must know where your children spend most of their time after school. If your child is behaving suspiciously lately and spends most of their time outside home with new friends, then you can hire a private eye to find out what your child is up to.

If you suspect something, take action right away before it is too late. Background checking services will help you learn about your child’s activities like who are their new friends, where do they spend time, what activities are they engaged in. This is important to know because a staggering number of children above 12 and teens have been reported to be involved in drug abuse and addiction.

Why Choose Us for Michigan Background Check Services?

When it comes to background check services in Michigan, we at ASG take pride in being the first choice of clients. We are large agency, not the typical small office or home-based business. Here are some of the many other reasons why clients choose to hire us for background check services:


  • Comprehensive Background Checks

Unlike other companies who claim to offer instant background checks over the web by searching through free public records like Michigan courts and using outdated information, we provide our clients with comprehensive and authentic background checks.

The truth of the matter is that background checks require time and thorough investigation. And any company that says instant screening services means that they aren’t doing the job right and are likely limiting their search to the available free criminal record sources.

Furthermore, for comprehensive background checks you need a private investigator who knows where and what to look for. And that’s what we know best. We dig in deep to find reliable data and information for you instead of relying on outdated and unreliable data. And that’s exactly why our clients come to us.

  • Accurate and Authentic

When performing background checks, our team fully understands and knows that accuracy matters. Therefore, we use the same sources of information and cutting-edge tools that we use for our other investigation services to provide you with authentic and accurate information. We don’t rely on short-cuts or gimmicks. We understand that background checks are detailed oriented tasks and that’s why we work hard and dig in deep to gather and verify information for you.

  • Access to Many Sources

As licensed Michigan private investigators, we at ASG have access to many different types of data from a variety of sources. In other words, collecting and verifying information for us is not a problem.

Our experience and professional training have taught us what sources to use and where to go for correct information and to get the right answers to your questions.

Affordable Michigan Background Check Packages to Choose From

We at ASG Investigations aim to foster long-term and trust-based relationships. Serving clients for several years now, we understand that not all background checks are alike. This is why we tailor our level of service to suit your needs and requirements. Over the years, we have built a reputation of offering excellent background investigation services to clients at the most affordable prices with no compromise on quality and with complete satisfaction.

For information about a package that addresses your concerns but does not provide any unnecessary information, call our team today. The call is free and strictly confidential.

You can also get another service package designed if you feel that the available packages don’t meet your needs. We will customize a background check package for you according to your needs. All you have to do is call us to discuss your requirements. It’s as simple as that.

Contact us today. Call on (586) 522-4600.


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