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Whether you are involved in litigation, or considering it in Michigan, Asset Searches could provide valuable information about the person you are suing or thinking about suing.  At ASG, a Michigan-based private investigations company, we understand the way assets are moved, titled and deeded in our state, as well as country-wide.  We can help at any stage of the litigation process.

Asset Searches provide valuable information in many different situations. To discuss the benefits of conducting an asset search, call one of our offices today!

Pre-litigation asset searches can offer insight into the financial standing of the person you are looking to sue.  Before you invest time and money in bringing a civil Asset Searchessuit, it would be nice to know if the suit will bring you any closer to obtaining the money you seek.

During the litigation process Asset searches, can determine tangible assets that are in an individual’s name which can be watched in order to make sure the debtor will not attempt to move these assets to avoid them from being collected upon.

Finally, post litigation Asset searches can identify collectible assets and also make determinations if the debtor made attempts to conceal their assets to avoid detection.

We identify tangible assets like homes, vehicles, boats, businesses, and more and provide you with information about liens on these assets.  We will also search for other outstanding liabilities to determine where our clients would fit “in line” should they seek to collect upon assets.  These liabilities include tax liens, foreclosures, other civil lawsuits and criminal activity that led to outstanding fines on the part of your debtor.

Knowing the whole story can save you thousands in legal fees.  Whether you determine the lawsuit would be unfruitful or you have a judgment and want to make sure you use your money effectively to collect upon the assets located. Once we find assets owned by your debtor, you can quickly move to collect rather than waiting years for the court to take action to collect your money.

Examples of our Asset Searches include, but are not limited to:

  1. Residence History Search
  2. Area Demographics
  3. Aliases / DOB and Other Names Used
  4. FEIN Search
  5. Federal Litigation Search
  6. Michigan Motor Vehicle Ownership
  7. Michigan Watercraft Ownership
  8. Aircraft Ownership Search
  9. Michigan Real Property Ownership Search
  10. Michigan Corporation Ownership Search
  11. Judgment and Lien Search
  12. DBA and Assumed Name Search
  13. Bankruptcy Search
  14. Michigan Criminal History Search
  15. Michigan Incarceration History Search
  16. Employment Search
  17. UCC Filings
  18. Litigation Search in the most relevant Circuit Court / District Court
  19. US Department of Corrections Search
  20. Professional Licenses Search
  21. Internet Domain Ownership Search
  22. Municipal Property Tax Record Search

We have assisted lawyers, businesses and private clients to assess if people are collectible throughout Michigan and investigated subjects in Birmingham, Grosse Pointe, Canton, Sterling Heights, Southfield, Detroit, Bloomfield Hills and Grand Rapids. We can find assets for you. Call Today.


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