Michigan Female Investigators

The first call to a private investigator can be quite intimidating. For starters, many people have a preconceived notion on who we are. They tend to imagine a crass man wearing a trench coat and smoking a cigar.  Second, the circumstances that usually lead to calling a private investigator are stressful and quite personal, leaving the callers feeling vulnerable. Add the two together and, unfortunately, many people delay the call and therefore the suffering.  What if they knew that, upon calling, they could request to speak with a female investigator? For many, that would make a difference.  Fortunately, at ASG, by having on our team several successful and highly trained Michigan female investigators, we are able to make that first call a little easier for them.

Michigan Female Investigators

Per PI Magazine, women make up only 15% of the professional investigator population. We are proud to be above that average at 42%, enabling us to offer this preference to our clients and potential clients. Our exceptional Michigan female investigators are hired based on their skills, experience and education, as is our entire staff; however, we have discovered some clients prefer speaking with women investigators and we are grateful that, at ASG, we staff Michigan’s most talented and successful female private investigators. Our goal is to make your experience with us as pleasant as possible, while still providing the answers you need.

As one would assume, some women tend to feel more comfortable speaking to another female regarding personal issues, like infidelity, investigating a new love interest, locating a past relationship, etc. Although our male investigators are always professional and courteous, it comes as no surprise when a female calls and asks if there is a local, Michigan female investigator in which she can speak with.  After all, females tend to be viewed as compassionate and understanding. What some may find surprising is that men, particularly men who feel their wives are being unfaithful, frequently ask to speak with a female investigator as well. After all, who better to understand another woman’s actions than a fellow woman?  They know the popular bars in Royal Oak, the nightlife in downtown Rochester, the busy lunchtime restaurants in Troy. A man who works all day in Macomb County may have suspicions about his wife’s recent strange behavior after getting a gym membership by her work, across town, in Oakland County. Is the new pep in her step, the new clothes and weight loss the result of a Zumba Class or is there something else going on? Having a Michigan female investigator on a case like this could prove beneficial in multiple ways.

Being a successful and well-known agency like ASG did not happen accidently. We know the skills, training, personalities and experience that are required to make exceptional private investigators and staff accordingly. For example, in dealing with infidelity, everyone knows that good surveillance is key and we are known for providing the best video surveillance evidence around.  Another aspect that is not talked about, but is just as vital in the day-to-day work as a private investigator, is being a good listener.  You would be surprised at how important this trait is. There are times we are the first person a caller says, “I think my husband (or wife) is cheating on me” to.  Think about the responsibility that comes with that. Although we hear those words multiple times a day, to the person saying them out loud for the first time ever, it is vital we respond with due respect and compassion.  During those conversations, we are also listening for clues on how to help the caller and asking questions to get a better understanding of the situation. Men tend to be problem solvers. They ask the needed questions and get right to work.  Women tend to be multi-taskers. They can be comforting a caller while casually leading the conversation to the answers they need.

Having Michigan female investigators on staff is not just beneficial to individual callers. We have found businesses and attorneys appreciate the option of working with male, female and/or a combination of both in regards to specific cases.  Society, in general, seems to be more open and trusting when dealing with females.  When looking into a Michigan Workplace Investigation (specifically sexual harassment investigations) businesses respond well knowing that we can assign both male and female investigators to a case to make their employees feel at ease, if need be.  Attorneys requiring private investigators to interview people and/or investigate class action lawsuits, find it refreshing that they can have a female investigator working on their case if they prefer. We proudly offer Michigan female investigators for surveillance as well. The list is endless in regards to how versatile we are in covertly obtaining video evidence for insurance fraud cases alone.

For whatever reason you may need to speak to a Michigan female investigator, please do not hesitate to call us.  Our investigators, male and female, are here to help you get the information you need. We do so professionally, effectively and efficiently. If speaking with a female would make the call more comfortable, please specify that when calling.  If you believe having a male or female on a specific case would be beneficial to its outcome, please feel free to discuss the possibilities with a member of our team.