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Intellectual property investigations
The truth is, there are very few private investigators in Michigan who can properly conduct a real intellectual property investigation. At ASG, we specialize in these types of cases. We have the size, experience, resources and reputation. Contact us today to discuss your case.

Intellectual Property is a term that is reaching new heights not only in the business environment but the world around us in general.

Protecting your brand or trademarks is of the utmost importance in keeping your business safe, viable, and unique.  Your thoughts and ideas are what drive your company and keep you “separated from the rest of the pack”.  Every business needs to be mindful and alert in protecting what is theirs.  Intellectual property now more than ever drives the corporate, artistic, and political world.

The need for Michigan intellectual property investigations is all around us, from numerous artists and record companies in the early 2000’s suing file sharing giant Napster for millions of dollars, to the President of the United States accusing other countries in the news of taking ideas from the U.S.  With the internet making the world a smaller place and having continually easier access to information, protecting what is yours is more vital for your company than at any other time in history.

Counterfeiting, trademark infringement, and trade secrets theft are just a few of the most common Michigan intellectual property investigations ASG can provide for you.  If and when you feel that your ideas are being threatened make sure you have a professional experienced in the field ready to answer your call.

Seeking Out Counterfeit Products

A fake or replica of your product being pushed out to the public without your knowledge can ruin years of hard work and is money down the drain for your business.  This obviously is not only a very large problem for the income of the company but also can affect others depending on the outreaching scope of your product.

For large businesses, it also trickles down to loss of employment not only for their employees but also for employees in other facets that assist the product in question.  A recent study shows that the counterfeit market represents 5 to 10% of global trade and estimated a loss of more than 100,000 jobs in the European work force alone; these are staggering numbers considering the world wide implications.

Counterfeit materials plague the global market, from shoes, to sunglasses, to electronics, the quality and reputation that your brand has established in the public is crucial to the perception of your business.   A recent report estimated the value of international trade in counterfeit and pirated products in 2013 was $461 billion.  This an 80 percent increase from the estimated value in 2008, and forecasted the value of international trade in counterfeit and pirated products in The internet is ever growing in this area and is a large arena for a company to market and distribute a product.

Monitoring sites such as eBay, Craigslist and Amazon could be a daunting task for any business, being both consuming in time and monetary compensation.  Utilizing ASG Investigations for this type of Michigan intellectual property investigation can allow you to allocate your time and money in a fashion that is better for your business.

Trademark Infringement

Similar to counterfeiting, trademark infringement is another huge issue regarding Michigan intellectual property and protecting it.  Billions of dollars are spent attempting to fight this type of fraud globally.  In 2011, the U.S. International Trade Commission (in regard to China) said that trademark infringement was the most common form of violation and also the most damaging.  When people are allowed to infringe on your trademark by copying or “mimicking” it, it can cause confusion from the public.

This is such a problem that even a very large corporation like Adidas sued a Belgian footwear company in 2010 for utilizing “2 stripes” on their shoes.  Adidas felt that the public in general would be confused with their famous “3 stripe” trademark enough to spend years in court battling it.  In many cases the actual trademark or intellectual property can be far more valuable than the product itself.

Theft of Trade Secrets

Recently an Iowa man was sentenced to prison for more than 3 years for stealing trade secrets while working for DuPont and utilizing them for the new company that hired him, just as he was about to leave the former.

The business world can be tricky and scary! Many people are looking to help themselves and further their own agendas; unfortunately, this also means employees or soon to be former employees.  The way you operate and run a business from the technology that you use all the way to a “family secret recipe” are what separate the quality of your company from the competitors.

If you believe that an employee or former employee has taken your intellectual property to another company or for themselves, let ASG look into this matter for you.  We can provide an unbiased investigation to locate a potential problem or put your mind at ease.

Michigan intellectual property investigations are not something to take upon yourself.  From counterfeiting, trademark infringement, and theft of trade secrets, the state of your company, ideas, and your employees are at risk more than ever before.  No matter whether you have a single person business or a large corporation.  If you need help in Novi, Birmingham, Grosse Pointe, Shelby Township, Troy, or any of the surrounding areas, let our experienced staff at ASG assist you in obtaining a thorough investigation and peace of mind, with any of your Michigan intellectual property investigation. 


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