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Juror Profile InvestigationsA juror profile investigation is beneficial for someone such as a defense attorney or even a prosecutor in most cases in Michigan. These can be helpful in uncovering several potential factors that may depict the juror as being bias or exhibiting a strong opinion on a subject in Michigan.

For example, a potential juror utilizing their social media platforms to learn more about the case that they are involved in and speak in depth about their jury duty.

As Michigan experts in Juror Profile Investigations where we know clients want to learn more about the individuals that are going to make up their jury in order to establish trust between them or the jury members.  Wouldn’t you want to know and learn more about those that are in the juror stand, that way trust can be established between you and the jury, instead of having to think about who may be bias or politically motivated towards a specific subject.

Conducting a Jury Profile Investigation in Michigan is far more advanced than one would think.  Experts, such as ourselves, consider several different aspects within an individual’s background, as this includes their social media, employer and something as simple as them being affiliated with any blogs or podcasts that may shed more light to who the juror may be.

Our Juror Profile Investigation is valuable to many and depending on what may be at stake for your case, this type of investigation can be more helpful than you think.  Here are some of the areas that we cover and thoroughly investigate when we are conducting a Juror Profile Investigation:

  • Employment
  • Social Media Investigation
  • Public & Non-Public Records – Including Bankruptcy Records
  • General Web Search

As experts in this industry, we have conducted several Juror Profile Investigations and understand that this, for the most part, may be challenging due to several factors such as, time constraint, an individual not having any social media accounts or is at an age where they do not utilize the computer much.  As a diverse team of investigators, we continue to progress and master Juror Profile Investigations so even if an individual is keeping a low profile on social media, we may locate records that could shed light as to the type of individual. Depending on how in depth we have to go, we may locate and comb through immediate family members.

There are several different pieces when conducting a Juror Profile Investigation:

  • Employment: Many individuals may overlook this topic and not realize that it is far more important to learn about the juror’s employer and even gain specifics on it as well.  An individual who is working for a marketing firm and their position and job scope consists of them marketing over the internet.  With this, it is clear that the individual who is undergoing this type of position will come into contact about a case they could possibly be a juror to, identifying this early on can assist the legal team and provide them with an insight as to who they will be dealing with.  However, that is only if this is identified before the fact, which is why a Juror Profile Investigation is so valuable.
  • Social Media Investigation: A Juror Profile Investigation’s first and focus is the use and the affiliation of social media platforms.  This is very important because this will more than likely expose an individual’s political thoughts and if they have any predispositions; it could be as simple as what they are on their Facebook account.  This type of information can be revealing in many ways, whether it is simply the posts that are shared in an account, comments made, or photographs uploaded.  If a Juror Profile Investigation was being conducted on an individual who may be a potential juror and when visiting their social media profiles, it is identified through images and comments that this individual recently lost a family member to some type of an accident and the case that they may be sitting on is accident related, clearly the legal team would not want this individual as part of the juror group.
  • Records: As experts, we are very familiar with identifying where to locate records and most importantly how far back we go in terms of someone’s background.  While conducting a record search it is extremely important to take into consideration all of the different cities, counties and states in which the individuals has resided in. If an individual has several records of insurance claims and these are from a prior state they were residing in, this can still be very important to a legal team.  This section of the Juror Profile Investigation also includes bankruptcy records and even civil records.
  • General Internet Search: When looking into a juror and conducting these fast-paced Juror Profile Investigations, as experts we also look into the massive amount of protentional data.  It is very important to identify if an individual is part of a blog website or takes part and speaks in a thread with several different individuals.  What is most important here is identifying the themes in which this individual is affiliated to because this can expose them to who they may really be or because of these findings, the subject can be bias.  Certain keywords are used to search when dealing with individuals to help identify any possible bias the individual may have towards the case.

Having a juror profile investigation conducted will assist in ensuring that you have a fair and diverse jury in Michigan.  A juror profile investigation is identifying potential jurors who may relate positively to the themes in the case that you are taking on and with this type of investigation conducted, more security and confidence can be in your advantage.  Lawyers can utilize the information found to frame questions to specific jurors.  This is a dynamic process, that as mentioned before, moves quickly; however, when being equipped with a diverse group of investigators like us, this is no challenge and we are here to provide these services when needed. 

ASG has offices in Novi, Birmingham, and Clinton Township ready to assist you in getting the fairest jury. Choose the private investigators that attorneys trust! Contact us today!

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