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Hidden Asset Searches in Divorce

Divorces can be ugly, and there are often situations where one or both spouses try to cover up what they’re worth. Even when the split is amicable, the temptation is there to keep money, valuables, or property hidden.

Choosing a Michigan private investigator to conduct hidden asset searches in a divorce case paints the complete picture about a person’s tangible and intangible assets.

How Much Is Your Spouse Really Worth?

Asset searches in a divorce are a necessity, whether you are a divorce attorney, divorce mediator, or one-half of a divorcing couple. How money and assets are split is the foundation of every divorce case, which makes it essential to locate, uncover, and verify all assets.

It is common to find that assets have been hidden or nondisclosed, but you don’t want to discover this information after it is too late to do anything about it. The beginning of a divorce is the smart time to hire an experienced private investigator to conduct pre-discovery through a hidden-assets search, but the most important thing is to have the search done, period.

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Why Hidden Asset Searches Matter

Some couples simply want out of a marriage and don’t want to pay more than necessary to make the split happen. However, taking an ex’s word for gospel when it comes to declaring assets just to expedite the divorce is putting too much trust in the person you’re divorcing, and potentially stripping you of money that is rightfully yours. Assets make a difference in what you do or don’t walk away with in a split, and an accurate picture of dollars and cents is especially critical when child support and spousal support are being determined.

Information-gathering about assets is a typical part of divorce proceedings. Both parties are expected to identify all the assets they hold and put them on the table. However, the hidden asset searches carried out by a private investigator are comprehensive. The sophisticated tools and methods of an experienced investigator allow for a thorough asset search that confirms financial holdings and uncovers any assets that may have gone unmentioned in a divorce proceeding.

Protect Yourself from the Fallout of Hidden Assets

Marital property is marital property until the divorce is settled – assets will be divvied up, whether both parties like it or not. While a person may think they know how much their spouse is worth, when the time comes to nail down the financial part of the divorce, some assets may suspiciously disappear or be moved around.

Assets can be hidden in multiple ways:

  • Actual cash, hidden in a safe deposit box, a relative’s house, or even, yes, under the mattress.
  • Overpaying the IRS and enjoying a sizable refund check solo after the divorce is final.
  • Defer salary, commissions, or bonuses so this income is nonexistent in the splitting of assets.
  • Purchasing valuable items that are easily overlooked or undervalued, like additions to an art collection, antiques, or even expensive furniture at his or her place of business.
  • Creating phony debt that is “paid back” to the relative or friend, all with the intention of getting that money back in full later after the divorce is final.
  • Transferring investments, like stocks, into dummy companies until the divorce is over and the assets can be transferred right back.
  • Inheritance that was never revealed.

You might think it will be simple to identify all possible ways a person has covered up or reallocated assets, but a divorce can be hectic and overwhelming, making it far too easy to overlook the obvious and too time-consuming to uncover the well-hidden assets. Even the most obscure and carefully cloaked assets will be uncovered by a practiced hand.

Don’t Be Blindsided by Hidden Debts and Concealed Assets

Hidden asset searches not only uncover the wealth of one party, they also reveal whether there are outstanding debts, liabilities, or liens. Being unaware of valuable assets means there’s a possibility that debts for which a person is half responsible are also out there.

For legal purposes, legitimate documentation is necessary if assets are to be considered in divorce proceedings. Saying, “I just know he has money in an offshore account” is not good enough. Tangible proof is what you need. The private investigative team at ASG has the tools and experience to deliver when it comes to a full report of hidden assets.

Choose ASG to Conduct a Hidden Asset Search in a Divorce Case

A professional hidden assets search goes far beyond digging through file cabinets, bank statements, and tax returns. Complete knowledge of marital finances – the good, bad, and ugly – are essential to get to a satisfactory and fair divorce settlement.

Through document collection and verification, surveillance, vendor records and payments, field investigation, and more, the hidden assets investigators at ASG comply with federal regulations and privacy laws to create a complete picture of someone’s financial standing. Our experienced investigative team understands how assets are moved, titled, deeded, and hidden both domestically and internationally.

ASG conducts asset searches throughout Michigan. With offices in Clinton Township, Birmingham and Novi, we have a comprehensive team available to assist you. Contact ASG today to speak with one of our hidden assets search specialists.


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