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Facebook and other social media, as well as a broad internet search, have made the mission to find friends and family easier than it used to be. Nevertheless, there are still people who do a good job of hiding in plain sight, or they’re of a generation that would never use social networking. In cases like these, a professional missing persons investigation gives you the best shot at tracking down the person who’s long gone missing.

Find Friends and Family with ASG Investigations

Why It’s So Difficult to Find Long-Lost Friends

Alumni associations do a great job of creating a database of former classmates and friends. That is, if these people want to be found, or if they take the time to include themselves in directories and online listings. Sometimes, people just can’t be bothered. If you want to pinpoint their whereabouts, you’ll need more than a copy of the alumni magazine.

If you’re trying to find friends you made through current or former professional endeavors, you can have an even tougher road to travel. Human resources departments aren’t going to easily give up forwarding information or personal details.

Then there are the people you’ve met along the way. Maybe you lost their phone number or email address, or maybe you didn’t spend enough time together to get the kind of details that would make them easier to track down. If you’re daunted by the meager info you have, a professional private investigator can take those particulars and make something out of them.

Memory lane isn’t always enough to help you succeed in finding a friend, but it can be enough for a pro to run with and deliver results. Whether you’re looking for a friend from 20 years ago or two days ago, a private investigator is your best chance of locating them.


When you are looking to locate an old friend, track down a family member, need assistance in finding a runaway, look no further. ASG has a proven record of successfully locating people all over Michigan and beyond. Call us today!

ASG Helps Find Friends and Family


Track Down Hidden, Lost, or Newly Discovered Family Members

There are plenty of reasons family members don’t want to be found, from betrayal to financial issues to theft to abandonment. Family dynamics are such that some people will do whatever they can to stay hidden from the people they’re connected to by blood. Or people will hide the family you’re looking for, like a kidnapped minor or runaway teen.

But what if you’re looking for the family member you suspect is out there but you’ve never met? Genealogy searches online promise accurate results, but they’re not always as thorough as you might wish, or you end up empty-handed after a great deal of effort and expense. Don’t rob yourself of the potential of a happy meeting.

A professional private investigator has the tools and expertise to track down the person you want to find, even if they don’t want to be found, including missing or estranged relatives, birth parents, or deadbeat dads.

Choose ASG Investigations to Find Friends and Family

We know our clients aren’t always seeking lost friends and family members for a reunion or positive reasons. Bad things happen, money is owed, kids run away – people disappear for plenty of reasons, and when you need to find someone you can feel desperate.

Don’t succumb to the online schemes that promise to deliver you practically to the doorstep of your missing person. Trust in the expertise and tools of a professional private investigator from ASG Investigations. We are prepared to find the person or people you’re looking for and deliver all the information possible about them so you can make the moves, decisions, and choices you need to make.

We work discreetly, efficiently, and cautiously using sophisticated tools and techniques, from surveillance to in-person interviews, background checks to GPS tracking, informants to mortuary searches. Contact us today for a confidential consultation.

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