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Looking for a private investigator in Oakland County? Look no further than ASG Investigations, Metropolitan Detroit’s premier private investigative firm. Our Oakland county office is located in downtown Birmingham. ASG is an invaluable resource for lawyers, businesses, private individuals, and other clients, delivering confidential, timely answers gleaned from meticulously customized investigations that include surveillance, background checks, asset finding, and more.

Find a Private Investigator: Oakland County, Michigan

Perhaps you are seeking a private investigator in Oakland County to gather intelligence in an internal or external business threat, uncover the facts behind a family matter, or locate a missing person. No matter your rank or position, your resources or needs, the private investigator Oakland County professionals at ASG can help with:

  • Infidelity investigations: When you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, your emotions are raw. You can feel paranoid, angry, sad, devastated. There is no right or wrong response to this suspicion – what is the right thing to do, however, is to get confirmation of infidelity one way or another. A private investigation is done discreet and tastefully so you can get the answers you need and move on with your life in the way that makes you comfortable.
  • Background checks: Certainly, anyone can run a speedy and sometimes even free background check online. You will get some answers, but they won’t be thorough, and they may not be up-to-date or accurate. Whether you are hiring a new employee or looking into a potential business partner, you need timely, legitimate information, and that can only come from a professional background check conducted with the extensive resource of a private investigator.
  • Missing persons: You may be seeking an estranged family member, a long-lost love, a friend from years ago, or a beneficiary. You may need to track down a runaway teen or find a child who has been taken by a parent in a custody battle. Missing person searches are often conducted speedily to collect the most pertinent details, and a professional private investigator in Oakland County can make that happen and get you the information you need.
  • Employee investigations: If you suspect that an employee, whether in-house or freelance or contracted, is behaving inappropriately or illegally, it can be tempting to confront them. Avoid moving too quickly when you have meager evidence. Every professional private investigation into an employee is done discreetly and delivers legally admissible information so you can act, prevent scandal, and protect your bottom line.
  • Computer forensics: Technology and crimes go hand-in-hand in today’s culture. Private investigators have access to incredible resources and tools to conduct high-level computer forensics. Combined with the tricks of the investigative trade, results are almost guaranteed, and courtroom-qualified computer forensics experts lend weight to any case.

Schedule a Confidential Meeting with a Private Investigator, Oakland County

Reaching out to a private investigator sometimes takes some courage. You may feel embarrassed about your circumstances, feel silly about going to a higher level to get the answers you want, or feel so daunted by your situation that you think no one can possibly help. The right experienced private investigator can indeed be of assistance. They can be the very person you’ve been seeking all along but didn’t even realize it.

When you are close to a person, a charged event, or a weighty matter, it can be difficult to step away and get perspective. Michigan Private investigators have the luxury of doing so and viewing all the information you have from an impartial distance – and then adding in the details they gather through their own careful searches, surveillance, and digging.

Contact a professional private investigator Oakland County residents count on – the pros at ASG Investigations. Schedule your consultation to discuss your situation confidentially and be prepared to get answers.