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Common Infidelity Cover-Up StoriesThere are lots of infidelity cover-up stories. Infidelity is brutal. If you suspect that your spouse or partner is cheating on you, you may find yourself trying to process competing emotions. You want to confront your spouse, or you want to turn a blind eye. You want all the details, or you don’t want to know anything. To save yourself from the stress that comes with getting the real story in a situation that involves unfaithfulness, rely on a professional private investigator to gather the truth and proof you need to make decisions about where to go from here and your future with your significant other.

Benefits of Hiring a Private Investigator to Probe Infidelity Cover-Up Stories

When you suspect you’re being cheated on, you may try to conduct your own covert research to catch your spouse red-handed. However, presenting the facts you’ve gathered to your cheating spouse can backfire. You’re already paranoid and stressed about what’s going on in your relationship and how it could affect your marriage, family, and life in general. You may want proof of the worst, but you may not be willing to accept it once faced with reality. Even though you’ve collected facts on your own, the spouse you want to keep trusting can talk you out of your suspicions, or make you feel crazy by shooting holes in the information you’ve pulled together.

The facts that a private investigator collects are difficult to dispute. You can check your spouse’s mileage on his or her car to see if it gels with their excuse for going wherever they’re going. Or you could have a professional on your side conducting legitimate surveillance to confirm whether your partner did or didn’t go where they said they were going.

Plenty of suspicious and scorned spouses torture themselves reading articles about “how to tell if your spouse is cheating”:

  • She goes to the gym more often, but maybe she just wants to get fit for that upcoming reunion.
  • He puts a passcode on his phone, but maybe the kids keep messing with the phone.
  • She has nights out with the girls, but maybe she’s been raising kids for years and can finally leave them in someone else’s care without worrying.
  • He shows a greater interest in his appearance and buys new clothes, but maybe he’s just tired of wearing the same things he’s had for a decade.

There are any number of ways a story can be spun to work for or against your theory of cheating. Solid proof is the only concrete answer to infidelity worries. An experienced private investigator will gather the photographic, physical, and technological evidence you need to decide whether to confront your spouse, and what to do about your marriage.

Common Infidelity Cover-Up Stories for Cheaters

The person who is cheating wants to get away with their indiscretions without getting caught by their significant other. Private investigators are wise to the most common infidelity cover-up stories. If you relay details to your investigator about your spouse’s activities and behavior, the red flags shoot up in typical places. Then our experts do the work to confirm your suspicions.

Some of the most common infidelity cover-up stories for unfaithful spouses include:

  • The boys or girls trip: Whether it’s for a bachelor or bachelorette party, a gathering of old friends, or a getaway for a core group of pals, the trip out of town for a day or two is a clear opportunity to cheat. Your partner may be traveling with the person they’re cheating with and recruiting friends to cover for them if confronted. Or a weekend away could be planned specifically around finding one-time opportunities to be unfaithful.
  • The work obligation: Whether it’s working late, going to happy hour, going on a work trip, or attending an all-day conference, work obligations are hard for a spouse to argue with. Often, these interactions require a spouse to be offline or without an opportunity to check their phone for messages or to make calls. These work obligations may be an excuse to cover for other activities. Or these may be real responsibilities that offer a great chance to get cozy with a coworker they’re cheating with or interested in getting to know better.
  • The me time: Whether he’s got a bi-weekly date with a golf course or she has a weekly massage appointment, it’s tough to argue with “me” time, especially if you equally work hard and take care of the kids. This solo nurturing, however, may be more than a one-person endeavor. They just don’t include the significant other, but rather the other man or woman.

 Why Hire ASG to Confirm Common Infidelity Cover-Up Stories?

It isn’t easy to be covert when you’re frantically trying to collect evidence about potential cheating. Your emotions play too big of a role, and it’s easy to become panicky or stressed about getting caught snooping. Affair surveillance conducted by a private investigator delivers the confirmation you want without jeopardizing your relationship if it turns out that there is not actually any infidelity occurring.

Our experienced and highly trained private investigators at ASG use their affair surveillance knowledge and skills to create a customized tracking plan for your case. Contact our team to discuss your infidelity concerns and suspicions, and to finally get the proof to give you peace of mind.