Locating Debtors

Locating Debtors in Michigan

Understanding your best options for locating debtors for Michigan collections suits

Whether you are an attorney or a private citizen, in Michigan, who has the need to locate an individual in order to collect a debt, there are numerous options available to you.  First it is important to understand that the “people finder” searches you will come across online are not substitutes for a real investigator working on your behalf.  Those “people finder” sites only provide information that is a certain number of years old and will often lead to you wasting time sending process servers out to old addresses.

In Michigan, ASG has access to a number of databases that provide a starting point for our locate investigations, but we do not simply pass this information on to our clients until it is vetted and confirmed.  Depending on where you are in the collections process, and the amount of money you will be seeking through a judgment, will determine how far you need to go with the investigation.  Some clients simply need to identify where the debtor’s driver’s license is registered in order to attempt service and ultimately seek alternate service if the debtor is not at this location.

Other clients need “in-person” service for a debtor who is avoiding this at all costs.  With an extensive knowledge of the different neighborhoods within Michigan, our team will develop the proper course of action to locate your debtor and work with you to facilitate service whether it be in Detroit, Birmingham or Grosse Pointe.  Each one of these locations offers its own challenges and opportunities that may not work in the other areas.  We, at ASG, have over 20 years experience investigating in Michigan and can offer insights not available to you through national providers.

When you are faced with the need to locate a debtor in Michigan, you have a multitude of options available to you.  Contact our office  and speak with the actual investigator who would be handling the work for you and you will quickly see that our investigative staff has the knowledge, skill set, and understanding of the intricate Michigan environment to better serve your needs.