Michigan Background Investigations

Licensed Michigan Background Investigations provide considerably more thorough background investigations than online resources.

Web based background checks are found to be unreliable at best.

A Michigan consumer can readily find many online resources claiming to provide thorough Michigan background investigations; some of these sources even claim superiority in densely populated areas like Detroit, Warren, Ann Arbor or Roseville.  The primary issue with these sites, is that they are simply computer generated searches of multiple, already available, online resources, and in no way do these offerings constitute a detailed background investigation.  Many of these website also have a habit of luring the user in with a low rate for a “basic search”, only to ask for more money for additional “possible records”.  At any level, the data provided in these searches is outdated and potentially misleading; just take a look at some of the lengthy disclaimers that come along with some of these outfits.

Making Michigan even more unique are the multiple locations that background check records can and are located.  Criminal records in particular are housed (depending on type and severity) with individual district courts, circuit courts, the Michigan State Police and on many occasions, with individual police departments too.  These records are often not available online direct to the consumer, which also means that they are not available to be searched by the web based software “investigation companies”.  Even more detailed are investigations specific to Detroit and individuals residing within the city.  Records in Detroit are often housed in multiple locations and can sometime require in-person verification, something no online resource can offer.

If you are looking for a Michigan Background Investigations, whether it be in support of some ongoing litigation, employee screening, to verify information in a dating relationship, or in anticipation of a conflict, you  should steer clear of these online resources.  If the cost seems too good to be true and the results are instant, the results will always be less than what a trained Michigan Background Investigations can offer.  We are familiar with Michigan court structure, how cities like Detroit, Grand Rapids and Roseville maintain their records and how to get them quickly with the highest degree of accuracy.

It is not uncommon for us to speak with Michigan clients who have utilized these online resources, only to end up calling us to discuss the lack or results they have received online.  We recommend you speak with a licensed Michigan professional investigator before making a decision, to determine the best way to obtain the information you are looking for.  We welcome your call and the opportunity to assist you.