Importance of Michigan Executive Background Checks

It is often said that great leaders are not judged based on their personal success, but on the success of their team or company as a whole.  Finding that next great leader to guide your business towards growth and higher goals is a matter which will involve many steps and should involve a great amount of consideration.  A chief executive officer or anyone in a position of power in your company will often be the face of your company to other businesses and the media.  One step in the due diligence process is a Michigan executive background check, which can range from verifying prior employment to locating bankruptcy records to contacting people regarding their character and reputation.  This could be an extremely long, detailed look into the different aspects a background check for managers should include, but let’s focus today on why it is one of the most important, if not, the most important part of the hiring process.

Michigan Executive Background ChecksWhen representing your company, a CEO or a manager often is the only face the media will see of your company.  Let’s think about some notorious CEOs that make the news frequently: Elon Musk of Telsa and SpaceX or Jeff Bezos of Amazon.  Both men have made the news headlines recently.  Why is that?  Is it for the great changes in technology that their companies are pioneering?  The high employee satisfaction rates?  Nope!  They both have been making headlines due to their personal lives.  Looking for your next CEO or manager involves a careful look at the reputation of the candidate.  During a Michigan executive background check, running different analytics tools to see what references the candidate makes on their social media accounts is an important task.  For example, you need to determine if they would be siding too closely with a politician, or spending much of their free time frequenting gambling locations.  Their reputation can quickly become your company’s reputation, and finding that balance before hiring CEOs or managers provides a better sense of security.  Through a background check for managers, research into bankruptcies assets, and court proceedings here in Michigan can show what their reputation outside of the workplace is like.

Another aspect that should be taken into deliberation is the professionalism.  As an investigation company, we often conduct reference interviews in regard to Michigan pre-employment screening.  Along the same lines, for Michigan executive background checks, we can make discreet contact with employees that would have previously worked under your potential CEO candidate.  This way you can get an idea on how they handled mistakes, problems, and handled day to day business.  Excellent leaders have a higher employee satisfaction rate.  Talking with an unhappy employee can explain where there could be bumps in the road ahead for your company with the potential candidate at the helm.  As said by Travis Bradberry in his article 7 Leader Mistakes that Make Everyone Miserable, “Your integrity as a leader hinges upon your ability to avoid distractions that prevent you from putting your people first.”  Seems simple enough, good managers = happy employees = successful business, right?  A CEO that micromanages every detail can be detrimental, and being the polar opposite, such as a CEO that contributes nothing but takes credit, can affect every aspect of your business.  Great leaders treat everyone with respect and can work with the team for the greater good.

As we start to wrap up this journey into the importance of Michigan executive background checks, let’s take a last look at the positive side.  Conducting research into a candidate’s history can bring attention to their character.  For example, looking at Microsoft’s Bill Gates’ resume it would show his large and continued success with creating a technology company.  With some further investigation you would see he largely contributes to different charities, spends time with his family, and tries to maintain a positive image in the public eye.  These tiny details may seem like a great conversation starter, but they can solidify trust from employees and new business partners or investors.  A sense of integrity and character will make a big change for your company in a good way.  As we discussed before, good CEOs or leaders will make for happier employees and subsequently make for the positive growth of the company as a whole.  A thorough Michigan executive background check will take the time to investigate those small details further than a standard background check.

Candidates can tell you many things in an interview or on their resume, but doing your due diligence with potential CEOs or managers to verify these details and look further has limitless advantages.  While you many think that handling an executive background check on your own is simple enough, trust an expert.  Michigan professional investigators have more resources at their fingertips, and can work with you to focus on areas of concern and note questionable aspects that may require some more time and effort.  The employee screening process for any position should require care and consideration, but the next leader of your company should not be rushed.  Look closely: check the closets for skeletons, leave no stone unturned, and keep your company or business secure with your final decision on the future CEO.