Is It Creepy To Hire An Investigator?

Most of us have never uttered the words “I need to hire an investigator”. In fact, when someone does say that, those listening almost always assume that it’s to investigate marital infidelity. Regular people just don’t hire investigators. It’s unusual. Maybe, to some, it implies that you are doing something strange or almost a bit creepy. People might ask: who did you need “spied on”? Do you have a stalker? Is someone blackmailing you?

Is It Creepy To Hire A Private Investigator?

Well, when you look to hire an investigator as being limited to cheating spouse chasing, then it is sort of creepy. Where it gets far less creepy and becomes a really good idea is when you understand that some private investigative agencies are capable of transcending that stereotype and are actually an unrivaled resource to give you an intelligence edge. Intelligence, within this context is information that you would not otherwise have, that allows you to take more informed action. In short, for larger business and personal decisions, the right private investigator can find missing information and answer questions that should be answered before you commit to course of action. They really give you an edge which no other resource can.

Now if your feeling a bit skeptical, we don’t blame you.  Ninety some percent of private investigative agencies in America have no dedicated research department who can actually find information from sources others than commercial databases and free public records. These small local PI agencies (assuming they even have employees) are generalists, not intelligence gathering experts. They simply have no areas of specialization, rather, they just wing it or they subcontract the work to the lowest bidder who responds to a job posting on a PI association bulletin board. The extra bad news is that these same ill-equipped PIs will take any and every case and simply pretend that they can handle it. Yes, they will charge you for their time, but in reality, the expectation that they can give you meaningful, reliable research is extremely low.

Only someone creepy would have to hire an investigator!

Another reason that having to hire an investigator might seem creepy is because of our industry’s portrayal on TV and in the movies. Almost every private investigator that appears in a movie is doing something illegal, something farfetched, something idiotic or something that reinforces a valueless, negative stereotype. Even when Hollywood wants to put PIs in the most redeeming, necessary light, such as in matters of finding a missing person or helping to solve a crime, it ends up on being broadcast on shows about homicide or similarly tragic themes, thus reinforcing the negative by its connection to the tragedy. No one wants to be connected, in the real world, to any of the drama on TV involving PIs.

Now comes the important part. There are many reasons for people from all walks of life to hire a private investigator, none of which are creepy! Real private investigators actually provide meaningful, actionable answers to life’s tough questions. In short, they provide intelligence, which is used to make intelligent, informed decisions. We answer questions like: is it true that…. did he actually…. what really happened with… and the like. In our private lives we make both personal and family business decisions that can have a powerful impact on our lives. If we go without real intelligence about the people that surround us, and about those in whom we entrust our investments and partnerships, we take on real risks. America’s smartest and wealthiest have come to understand that real information and answers are not a luxury item. Rather, it is the basis of accurate decision making that minimizes pain, regret and financial loses. In the end, they understand that hiring the right private investigator to answer your questions is neither expensive nor creepy.

Still not convinced that it is not creepy to hire a private investigator, but would like to learn more about conducting an investigation? Our clients can take pride in knowing that ASG Investigations is a discreet, professional investigative firm servicing Birmingham, Clinton Township, Dearborn, Detroit, Livonia, Novi Sterling Heights, and Warren .